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Autistic Spectrum Conditions

Our ASC Coordinator at Wath Academy is Miss Chapman. Her role as ASC Coordinator involves overseeing and supporting children who have an Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC). Whether diagnosed or awaiting diagnosis, Miss Chapman will support and encourage ASC students throughout their schooling.

The ASC Coordinator role includes informing staff of crucial information, advising key workers, supporting ASC students, and providing access to the Inclusion office at all times.  Miss Chapman is in regular contact with parents who are anxious or worried about their children at school. This also includes a half termly meeting for parents to discuss any worries with other parents and members of the Inclusion team. Signposting and liaising with the ACT team (Autism Communication Team) are also responsibilities of the ASC Coordinator, who aims to ensure that our ASC students are achieving their potential and receiving the correct support that they need.


Miss Chapman
ASC Coordinator 

An ASC transition programme is put into place for the students still currently in Year 6 in primary education, alongside the three induction days. This is a small group which supports students who are coming to Wath Academy for the following year and who require some advice and information.

Several intervention sessions are in place for all years, which focuses on social skills. These interventions are once a week and last approximately 6 weeks.

The Year 7 focus is anxiety and the worries of starting a new school. Wath Academy is very large compared to primary school. This intervention provides the students with strategies to support their time here.

The Year 8 group focusses on communication and language. We discuss conversations, spatial awareness, being polite and using manners and awareness of informal and formal discussions.

The Year 9 group looks at relationships and friendships. This focusses on how we form, build and maintain successful and healthy relationships.

In Years 10 to 13 we look at the stress and anxiety surrounding exams and assessments. Miss Chapman also engages in a travel training programme for the year 10 students. This enables students to access public transport independently and build self-esteem in time for their student work placements.