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As well as promoting our school, governors are accountable for providing strategic leadership and hold responsibility for the school's finances and policies. It is governors who work with our principal to make tough decisions about the operation of the trust, our school and our school's role in the wider community.

Chair of Governors: Andy Battle (MLT appointment for 12 months from 27 September 2021)
Vice Chair of Governors: Nicky Parr (MLT appointment for 12 months from 27 September 2021)
Principal: Liam Ransome

Clerk to Governors: Hayley Potts
Hayley Potts can be contacted by email at:

Local Governance Committee Structure

2 Parent Governors (appointed by parent / carers at the school by election)
4 Community Governors
4 Business/ Education Governors
1 Staff (Teacher) Governor (appointed by staff at the school by election)
1 Staff (Associate Professional) Governor (appointed by staff at the school by election)
1 Principal

Governing Committee Membership

Name Category Appointed Term of Office
Brian Tinnion
Community  1 Apr 2019 4 Years
Jayne Dickson Community 1 Apr 2019 4 Years
Melanie Booth Community 5 May 2021 4 Years
Claire Garbutt Community  15 November 2021 4 years
Andrew Battle
Business/Education  1 Sept 2020 4 Years
Alan Warboys
Business/Education  19 Sept 2019 4 Years
Nicola Parr
Business/Education  1 Sept 2019 4 Years
Richard Pease Business/Education  12 Dec 2019 4 Years
Lynn Dixon Parent  15 November 2021 4 years
Lindsey Sandberg Parent 7 November 2021 4 Years
Matthew McDonald Associate 9 Dec 2020 4 Years
Liam Ransome Principal 1 Sept 2020 -
Jayne Ackerley Staff (Associate Professional)  1 April 2019 4 Years
Vacant Staff (Teacher)     

Governors Who Have Stepped Down Since September 2020

Name Category Stepped Down
Julia Bailey Community 12 Feb 2021
Melanie Holt Parent 6 June 2021



The number of votes for each candidate in the recent Parent Governor election are as follows:

Name  Number of Votes
Andrew Dixon 14
Lynn Dixon 48
John Mansell 4
Adam Lee 12
Graeme Wright 4
Jennie Shortread 3
Jon Mount 5
Lindsey Sandberg 25
Leanne Bradley   6