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2nd Covid-19 Vaccinations

The Rotherham Immunisation Team will be in School on Mon 31/1 and Tues 1/2 to give our students, aged 12-15, their 2nd Covid-19 Vaccinations.

Pupils requiring their 2nd Covid Vaccinations must be aged between 12-15 years old and have already received their 1st dose. There must also be a 12 week gap after testing positive for covid-19 to have their vaccine as well as a 12 week gap since their first dose.

Any pupils who are now 12 years old and require their first dose or who are 16 years old needing their 2nd dose, would need to book in for their Vaccinations at The National Vaccination Centres, through 119, however, this may change in the future.

Parents/carers wishing their 12-15 year old children (who meet the criteria) to receive the 2nd dose of the Covid-19 vaccine will need to complete a consent form which can be found on the following link: