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    Young Carers

    Young carers are children under the age of 18, who help look after a member of the family who is sick, disabled or has mental health problems, or is misusing drugs or alcohol. Your day to day responsibilities often include:

    • Cooking.
    • Cleaning.
    • Shopping.
    • Providing nursing and personal care.
    • Giving emotional support.

    You may struggle educationally, be isolated with no relief from pressures at home. You may feel afraid to talk to anyone and ask for help, for fear of letting the family down, or being taken into care. Help and support is available through agencies. They can:

    • Reduce your caring responsibilities.
    • Help you access clubs, groups, etc.
    • Give advice and emotional support via counselling.
    • Liaise with school.
    • Give you the opportunity to take a break.
    • Provide an opportunity for young carers to learn more about your parent/carer’s condition.

    You may feel you are missing out on opportunities that other children have to play and learn.

    You are not classed as a carer if:

    • You are undertaking tasks around the home appropriate to your age.
    • You care for someone with a short term illness or injury e.g. a broken arm.
    • If you are caring for your own children.

    If reading the information has made you think you could be a young carer, you can speak to the safeguarding team, located near G17 / ICT Technicians Workroom, or talk to your PYL or AYL who will inform Safeguarding staff.

    If you would like further information on support available regarding Young Carers, the websites below can help;

    Carers Trust

    Telephone 0800 1111