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The curriculum at Wath Academy is bespoke to meet the needs of our community. Options are provided in line with the dynamic nature of the labour market in the area, across the country and in the rest of the world.

Alongside the Year 9 Options Evening, taster lessons and support offered in Life Skills lessons, the following information will support students to make informed decisions.


  • Choose courses you are interested in and that you are likely to enjoy.
  • Think about the variety within your curriculum as you select your subjects and try to arrive at a balance which matches your talents.
  • Choose courses in which you are likely to achieve success.
  • Choose courses that fit with your future needs; although the core is designed to ensure breadth, a solid groundwork in a subject you may want to continue with at post-16 will be helpful.
  • Look up higher education degree courses that interest you on and see what subjects, qualifications and grades you will need to do these courses.
  • Talk to your parents and your teachers, they will each have an important perspective.


  • Choose subjects just because your friends are choosing them.
  • Choose a subject just because you get on well with your teacher; you might well have a different teacher at KS4.