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    Study Support

    Wath Academy strives to offer every student the highest quality learning opportunities in order that everyone makes good progress. As part of the Inclusion Faculty; KS3 Additional Support and KS4 Curriculum Support provide part of the package of support for students who have not yet achieved the national standard for the end of KS2 including those with SEN.

    Two experienced teachers, both with a background in primary and early education, deliver an exciting curriculum that focusses on engaging students in their learning with a significant focus on improving core skills in English. There are opportunities to practise speaking & listening skills, widen their understanding and use of ambitious vocabulary and develop cohesion in writing. The English curriculum is taught through a variety of topics some of which are based on historical and geographical content. Reading is a key focus with students accessing the Accelerated Reader Programme alongside guided group reading sessions. Additionally, students receive an extra lesson of Maths and have a taster of the Spanish Curriculum.

    The priority for selecting students who will access additional support is by the levels of learning achieved at the end of their primary education. As with all students, their progress is closely monitored and if necessary movements are made in and out of this teaching group. At the end of Year 7 the teaching group is reduced to one class. At the end of Y8 students take their subject options alongside their peers. In some cases students may require continued support in KS4.

    Key Stage 3

    The Inclusion Faculty provides additional support for students in the  two lowest ability teaching groups in year 7 and one teaching group in year 8. Students in these teaching groups access mainstream secondary provision for approximately two thirds of their timetable. The additional time is spent on the curriculum outlined above. The teaching group is a small class of approximately 15 students which sometimes includes the support of a teaching assistant as well as the class teacher. As well as ensuring good progress, this also supports a smooth transition for students who may otherwise find the step-up to secondary education difficult.

    Key Stage 3 Topics

    Topic Police Investigation Novel Study Holiday Brochures Line Island (Coast) Endangered Animals Novel Study: historical text
    Text Type & Learning Focus Chronological Report Story

    Reading Response
    Persuasive advertising Descriptive writing Persuasive Appeal Story

    Reading Rspsonse


    Key Stage 4 

    In some cases students may require continued support in KS4. This is delivered in a number of ways but may include continued support from the teachers in the Inclusion Faculty. The organisation and curriculum for this is dictated by the individual needs of the students at this stage. Examples of the support provided so far include; additional support towards GCSE English Language and English Literature, Completing Entry Level Certificate in Maths, Completing Level 1 Interactive Media, additional support towards aspects of GCSE Maths and science and extra time and guidance for option subjects.