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    Science Faculty

    The Science faculty at Wath Academy is focused on ensuring that all students, regardless of ability, achieve their full potential in Science. The How Science Works skills are integrated throughout all key stages in order to develop students into well rounded Scientists. Furthermore, the Faculty hopes to inspire a love of Science and its application in society and, where necessary, prepare students for university-level study.

    Students typically receive three lessons of Science a week in Year 7 and Year 8, rising to five lessons per week at Key Stage 4. Classes are organised by ability sets in Key Stages 3 and 4, though the exact structure varies depending on the year group and needs of the students.

    Key Stage 3

    The Key Stage 3 Curriculum is comprised of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, with How Science Works skills integrated throughout. It is a cyclical curriculum that covers topics that will be built upon as students’ progress through school in order to prepare students for GCSE.

    In Year 7 and 8 students will study Biology topics on cells and reproduction in plants and animals, food chains and the environment. The Chemistry topics they cover are relating to atoms and techniques used to identify and separate mixtures. The Physics topics are related to forces, energy and electricity.  Students will complete a variety of activities including practical work, use of ICT and mathematical skill development, all of which will develop their scientific skill base in preparation for GCSE.

    Key Stage 4

    Students begin KS4 in Year 9 and will follow one of the following routes dependent on their ability and which route is the most suitable, the web link to the specification is also displayed below.

    Route 1

    Students can opt and apply for a Separate Sciences route at the end of Year 8. Students on this route will complete three Science GCSE qualifications:

    Route 2

    Students will complete two Science GCSE qualifications:

    Key Stage 5

    The A Level qualifications available to students are:

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    Current extra-curricular opportunities within Science include a weekly Year 7 and 8 Science club.

    Each year, the faculty organises a number of trips, including trips to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park, Science Live, Science at Alton Towers, Sixth Form study days at local universities, and Year 13 field trip to the Cranedale Centre. In addition, many opportunities within school are available to students including Planetarium sessions, forensic days, and cross curricular activities within Science Week, which is celebrated each year.

    Throughout the year, the faculty holds a number of targeted revision sessions, both after school and during holidays to support the progress and attainment of all students on Science courses.


    The Science faculty is comprised of 18 members of teaching staff, of which four are part time. The team is supported by a dedicated technician team of four and a Departmental Support Assistant. Science is currently taught within 13 Science laboratories and one computer suite, of which each is equipped with an interactive whiteboard.  The faculty also has two technician preparation rooms and 32 iPads.