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    Transition Evening - Monday 6th July 2020

    Please find below our Year 6 Transition Evening video. This video is for students who will be starting Year 7 in September 2020. There is also an introductory video from your child's Form Tutor. In addition to this we have created a FAQs sheet based on the recent transition questions we have had to our enquiries email.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have collated the frequently asked questions which we received over the past few days into a document which can be downloaded below. Many of the questions relate to the September opening and the precautions around COVID-19. We are still in the process of finalising our September plans and we will communicate these to parents as soon as possible.


    Meet the Tutors

    Here your chance to find out a little bit more about our Form Tutors. They are listed below in staff cipher order.

    DTI - Mr Tipping




    ERS - Mr Roberts




    EPO - Miss Powell




    FSL - Mr Slack




    JAL - Mr Allonby




    MLA - Mrs Lane




    MDU - Mr Dullaway




    MMA - Mr Marriott




    NTH - Miss Thacker




    RST - Miss Stocks




    SLR - Mrs Limer




    SSH - Mr Shaw