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Social, Emotional & Mental Health

The school has a number of staff who support Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs (SEMH) in school. They work with students who either have a SEMH diagnosis, Educational Health Care plan or students who are demonstrating extreme and challenging behaviour in school.

Extreme and challenging behaviour can present itself in a number of ways, including class disruption, defiance around school or uncontrollable emotional outbursts.

Once a student has been identified as requiring support, the staff will look at the best approach to resolve the difficulties. This can be either one to one work or small group work dependent on the context and mix of students. They will then look at each student’s investment in learning, achievement and behaviour points; this information will then be used to track success over a half term.

Anger Management 

Some students have problems dealing with anger management. We have a programme in place that looks at ways in which students can try and control their anger.  We look at what has happened leading up to this point and try to identify any significant triggers.  If this proves to be difficult we will look at which lessons or times of day they find challenging.  When this has been established there will be a conversation around a situation that may have happened and how they handled it, then go over it again with what could have been done differently. When certain flash points have been identified for the student, we will talk about ways in which to prevent a flare up.  This can include techniques such as deep breaths, counting to 10, using AAA card or Emotional Calming Techniques.  During each session, students will be set targets for the week based on what they have been working on during that session, these will then be reviewed in the follow up session. Mrs Merry will then discuss with students the impact that anger and stress has on the body both physically and emotionally. They will then talk about the short term effects such as detention, isolation, exclusion and poor grades, along with long term effects such as being unable to find a job, a criminal record and ill health.  Students will be given advice and tools to manage stress and anger.  This can be in the form of exercise, relaxation or a change of lifestyle.

Self Esteem

We have a programme focussing on self-esteem and body confidence; again this can be done as a one to one session or in small groups.  We will also be rolling out an intervention programme throughout years 7/8/9/ 10 in Life Skills lessons. The aim of these sessions is to reach as many students as possible in one go, to promote positive self-image and try to open students' minds to the manipulation that can happen within the media.  These sessions will be delivered between Mrs King and Mrs Haigh, our Designated Safeguarding Officer. 

The Behaviour Support Unit

Ms Roebuck and her team provide support within school. They use this time for drop-in intervention sessions, which can be accessed by any students who may have had a crisis and need additional support for a short period of time or as a timetabled programme of bespoke support following a Boxall Profile to identify any emotional needs of students.

The Alternative Curriculum Base

The Alternative Curriculum Programme is delivered at Wath Academy and outside providers. Students will spend some time in the week at the specialist vocational centres with the rest of their learning accommodated in Wath Academy’s Alternative Curriculum Base.

The Alternative Curriculum programme helps students in danger of exclusion maintain their education by providing specialist student support, offering a range of accredited alternative learning opportunities and securing positive progression routes post 16. This programme offers another opportunity for the students to positively progress and achieve.

Each student follows an individual learning programme. If the student attends regularly and focuses on their learning, the will get recognition for their work. Within the centre based at Wath Academy the students will study GCSE English, Maths, Science, BTEC Sport & Art. Pastoral care and support will be provided to all students.

The Base is managed by Mr Evans and any further alternative provision is managed by Mrs Ackerley.