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    Vision and Key Drivers

    Our Vision

    'Delivering world-class learning which inspires every child to achieve excellence'

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to gather and motivate inspirational people committed to delivering an excellent education that ensures:

    • All students develop an inner belief and ambition to fulfil their dreams.
      Students acquire the knowledge, skills and character needed to live happy, healthy and successful lives. All are included and work hard to fulfil their potential regardless of background or starting point.
    • All students develop a passion for life-long learning.
      An appetite for acquiring further knowledge, skills and awareness throughout their lives.
    • All students gain first rate qualifications.
      Qualifications that ensure all doors remain open, giving our students the platform to compete and thrive on a global stage.
    • All students develop exceptional character.
      Character that exemplifies a true growth mind-set, a phenomenal work ethic, confidence and high levels of grit, resilience and determination; ensuring they are fully prepared to flourish in an ever changing world.
    • All students develop high levels of cultural and global awareness.
      Awareness that develops through diverse experiences that enrich our students, enabling them to engage in, empathise with, challenge and debate current affairs beyond their local community.
    • All students become responsible citizens.
      Students that are responsible members of both the school and local community and grow into grounded and humble adults who make a positive contribution to society.
    • All students gain an array of positive school memories.
      Positive school memories, which last a lifetime. Memories that are created from students, staff and our community being fully invested in forging exceptional relationships based on trust, care, high expectations and a passion for genuinely making a difference.

    Key Drivers

    Underpinning our vision for educational excellence are our 6 key drivers:

    World-class Learning
    World-class learning in every lesson, every day 

    Growth Mindset
    Believe you can improve;
    work hard and value feedback

    The Highest Expectations
    Everyone can be successful;
    always set and expect the highest standards

    Never Give Up
    Resilience is essential;
    be relentless in the pursuit of excellence

    No Excuses
    Create solutions not excuses;
    make positive thinking a habit

    Everyone is Valued
    Diversity is celebrated;
    see the best in everyone

    These aspirational and inspirational core principles are central to everything that we do and were jointly created by students and staff to drive the academy forward. At Wath Academy, we live and breathe these key drivers with an unwavering passion and determination to ensure that our students receive the best education; we will not settle for anything but the best, and will not rest until the academy is truly great in all areas.