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    Vision & Aims

    Through collaboration with other schools and service providers, Wath Academy and its Governors seek to help transform educational aspiration to enlarge and enrich the experiences of its students and enable them to leave 'able, active and qualified'.

    We will achieve this vision through the following strategic aims:

    • provide relevant learning experiences that will enable students to acquire the essential knowledge, understanding and intellectual, physical and creative skills to equip them for later life
    • leave students at the end of their formal and full-time education with an appetite for acquiring further knowledge, skills and awareness throughout their lives
    • create high expectations of work and behaviour so that each student achieves their maximum potential
    • create a caring community whose basis is tolerance, understanding and concern for other people
    • create an inclusive and supportive environment which helps students become informed, confident, independent, involved and responsible citizens
    • encourage attitudes that enable children to be responsible members of both the school and local community and grow into well-adjusted adults and useful members of society
    • recognise our responsibility to provide a safe environment in which all students feel included and valued, and in which there is celebration of all personal achievements and acceptance of diversity
    • broaden students’ horizons and increase their awareness of the world.