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    The Torch

    The Torch, May/June 2020
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    May/June 2020

    These pages contain highlights from the latest issue of The Torch, the student newspaper of Wath Academy.

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    By Sienna Marsh, Year 7

    The “new normal” could be with us for a long time yet. While scientists are working hard to find a vaccine for COVID-19, and there have been promising breakthroughs in laboratories, there have also been warnings that we might never find a vaccine that works for humans.

    Even when quarantine eases, you won’t be able to play out with your friends without social distancing (meaning you will need to stay at least two metres apart). You can, however, play with your immediate family in your household and now is a perfect time to spend time with your loved ones. Thanks to the marvels of technology, it’s also easy to stay in touch with the people who it might be safer to not see in person. Call or video message your grandparents or family you don't see. You can even play games while on the phone; general knowledge quizzes have never been as popular.

    During the quarantine, we have seen how not everything has needed to be done in person; you can complete lots of tasks over the phone or online. Many adults have been working from home, and it will be interesting to see how many more jobs will be completed remotely from home in future, even after the crisis is over. Not all adults have been able to ‘stay at home’ however, as some people have important jobs which cannot be done remotely, such as doctors and nurses caring for sick COVID-19 patients. Schools have also been open to some students, who have continued to attend because of their parents being key workers.

    There are many activities to do while in quarantine and as the lockdown starts to ease. You could learn a new trick like an aerial or a backflip, you can play games with family members either out in the garden/patio (if you have one) or in the house. You could challenge yourself to something for a long period of time, try something new to do. You could learn to paint, or you could colour something in. Try a jigsaw with family members, or maybe help clean up

    This edition of The Torch is full of ideas about how you can make the most of quarantine time. Stay safe!

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