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    The Torch

    The Torch, September/October 2019
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    September/October 2019

    These pages contain highlights from the latest issue of The Torch, the student newspaper of Wath Academy.

    The full newspaper is available to view by selecting the cover.

    Previous editions (going all the way back to 1930) are available on the back issues page.


    By Ellisia Bowman, Year 9

    It’s getting close to Halloween and if you’re not going out to a party, getting cosy under a blanket with popcorn is a great idea! I’ve brought together a list of different Halloween films to enjoy for the spooky season.

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    The Nightmare Before Christmas posterThere has been an argument whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or a Christmas film; however, it is certainly creepy enough for Halloween! This films has catchy songs and a great story line. Overall, it’s not scary so it’s great to watch with a younger audience or if you’re not a big fan of horror films.

    Hocus Pocus

    A Disney film to enjoy with family and friends, Hocus Pocus is a film about a guy, his sister and his crush who summon three sister witches. The film has a child-friendly and fun story line. Hocus Pocus is a film to be enjoyed by the family.

    Corpse Bride

    This film is another Tim Burton classic and is perfect for any family Halloween celebration. It is very wholesome and perfect for viewing with children of any age. The film follows Victor, who runs away from his wedding after becoming anxious
    about it being an arranged marriage; whilst practising his vows, he is dragged into the land of the dead.


    Finally, we reach Paranorman, a film by Laika, about a young boy called Norman who has the unfortunate 'curse' of being able to see ghosts. It follows him in his journey to save his village from zombies. Hilarious and chilling in equal measures, this is another film perfect for Halloween.

    If films aren’t for you, you might decide to go trick-or- treating. Remember to stay safe by staying in groups and not going into people’s houses. However you choose to spend Halloween, have fun!

    Wath Careers Fair

    By Joe Unijat, Emily Rodgers and Tom Armitage, Year 8

    Students experiencing being firefighters

    Our annual Careers Fair was held on Tuesday 15 October and it was brilliant! A range of people came to see us including AMRC, The University of Sheffield, National Horse Riding College and so many more. We got an insight into the world of work and the chance to talk to employers about opportunities and apprenticeships. Overall 21 companies and businesses attended the day.

    Here are some responses from students:

    “Personally, I think it went well and we had enough time to speak to everyone. I definitely came out of my comfort zone to ask everyone there the questions I wanted to ask.” (Joe Unijat)

    “I think that the Careers Fair was a great opportunity to see all pathways in work. This was interesting as I never knew the different opportunities and experiences you can have.” (Tom Armitage, Year 8)