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    The Torch

    The Torch, July/August 2019
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    July/August 2019

    These pages contain highlights from the latest issue of The Torch, the student newspaper of Wath Academy.

    The full newspaper is available to view by selecting the cover.

    Previous editions (going all the way back to 1930) are available on the back issues page.


    By Isobelle Fenton, Year 7

    Sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen

    Summer ‘fun in the sun’ is a well-known phrase that basically means that in the summer, when the sun is out, people like to go outside and have fun, such as playing on the beach.

    We all enjoy going outside to play, but we do not like the sunburn afterwards. To avoid this, just follow these simple steps to be happy after the sun:

    1. Wear sun cream – especially SPF 50 to protect from the sun’s harmful UV rays.
    2. Drink lots – the sweat on your forehead is your body’s way of cooling you down, using all the moisture in your body, so drink to replenish it.
    3. No makeup – this can lead to your skin being damaged by heat.

    Make the most of the lucky few warm days we get in England – we don’t get many here, and follow these rules to be safe in the sun. Have fun!

    Y9 Science Summer School – London

    By Hannah Musa, Keira Duce, Abigail Wycherley, Emily Hays, Jack Sowden, Joe Parks, Kai Smith and Harrison Niland, Year 9

    GalaxyAs Year 9 Separate Science students, we were lucky to be given the opportunity to attend a Summer Science School set up by Lord Andrew Mawson.

    The start of our trip began with a short train journey from Rotherham Interchange to Doncaster train station where we embarked on our journey to Kings Cross, London. We travelled to Camden where we took a lunch break before heading onto the Natural History Museum. We explored the museum in small groups and found out many interesting facts; for example, there are 8 super volcanoes in the world and two of which are in Japan, ants hear through vibrations which reach them via their legs. We were extremely lucky to be able to complete many educational activities around the museum such as learning how certain colours can affect your vision.

    We were able to see some of the popular tourist sites in the city such as Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament – they were big! After a busy day of sight-seeing, we headed to our accommodation at Queen Mary’s University where we were able to relax and socialise with the Maltby and Wales students who also accompanied us on our trip.

    Our Thursday began with a Starbucks on the Queen Mary University Campus. We made our way to St. Paul’s Trust School where we were greeted to the Science Summer School. We attended a variety of lectures and workshops such as ‘meteorology’ and ‘alien autopsy’ which was a particular favourite as we were able to dissect and diagnose a variety of organs.

    Our first lecture was delivered by Professor Brian Cox. He talked about black holes and how simulations could predict what they would look like compared to our first real image of one. They turned out to be surprisingly similar. The second lecture was titled ‘Murder is Easy’ and was based around Agatha Christie from the perspective of a Chemist. In this lecture we learned about how the use of arsenic was used through history. Another enjoyable lecture was ‘Bakengineering’ delivered by Andrew Smith (a finalist from 2016 Bake Off). He described how he has mixed his background and passion of aerospace engineering to his other passion – baking.

    Our day was brought to a close with a final series of lectures hosted by Profession Brian Cox as well as attending the grand opening of a state of the art pharmacy that had been set up by Lord Mawson in a community that had faced difficulty and been brought together by him and his sponsors.

    Our final day involved planning how we would organise an event for next year’s Summer School. We had to think about many factors such as publicity, logistics, workshops and budgeting. Our trip drew to an end after we paid a visit to the Science Museum where we explored how planes and train engines work as well as the impacts of climate change. We especially enjoyed the games in the space engineering section. After an interesting few hours spent in the museum, we sadly got the train and headed back to Rotherham. We all thoroughly enjoyed this trip and are extremely thankful for this amazing opportunity.

    Sports and House Day 2019

    By Ngai Wa Yuen, Year 8 and Isobelle Fenton, Year 7