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The Programme

If you are interested in a career within the performing arts industry or developing a range of transferable skills appropriate for all workplaces, then the Wath Academy Sixth Form Music Scholarship is for you.

This programme is designed to give you a practical and theoretical understanding of Music and related industries. Although it is a very practical course, there are elements of theory that will deepen your understanding of music. The Music Scholarship is for students who actively want to be a part of the performing arts industry and have an interest in music as a potential career pathway. However, the course covers a range of transferable skills such as teamwork, confidence, public speaking, time management, and empathy which would be vital for any career path.

Music scholars study RSL Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma for Music Practitioners and engage in the music enrichment workshops alongside other A Level and/or applied subjects.

The units covered in the Music Scholarship allow you to develop your knowledge and skills as a musician. You will also have the opportunity to gain hands on industry experience when performing in a number of productions to a paying audience.

To take the Music Scholarship, we ask is that you must be passionate about Music, understand there is a requirement to perform to an audience and be open to working as part of a team when required. You need to be open minded and resilient, with a positive attitude. You need to be prepared to attend evening rehearsals and performances.