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    Substance Misuse

    Substance misuse can relate to the use of illegal or legal substances. It may lead to addiction and dependency. Substance misuse may involve legal drugs such as alcohol, the misuse of legal substances such as glue or aerosol sprays, or the use of illegal drugs.

    Children and young people are increasingly mis-using legal and illegal substances, including an untold number of uncategorised and potentially lethal substances generally referred to in the media as 'legal highs'. The frequent use of substances can lead to:

    • Academic underachievement and poor attendance at school.
    • Antisocial behaviour.
    • Emotional problems.
    • Health problems.
    • Criminal activity.
    • Increased risk of involvement in violent crime.
    • Increased risk of being involved in sexual exploitation.

    If you are concerned your child maybe misusing substances you should inform the school so that we can support your child. You can also contact our Safeguarding Team on (01709) 760222. We may refer you to other services such as the following;

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