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    Sexual Health

    Talking to your child about sex and relationships can be difficult, but is important to remember that it is beneficial if you and your child have a relationship where they are able to talk to you about sex and relationships. Good relationships and sex education can raise the age young people first engage in sexual activity, cut the rate of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections (STI).

    It is important that children and young adults have someone they feel they can speak to if they are worried or need advice on sexual health matters.

    If you are concerned your son or daughter is involved in a sexual relationship with someone who is older than them, please contact the schools safeguarding team on (01709) 760222.

    Rotherham Family Planning Centre
    Telephone (01709) 304845

    Rotherham Hospital Sexual Health / GU Medicine
    Telephone (01709) 427777

    Barnsley Hospital Sexual Health / GU Medicine
    Telephone (01226) 432210

    Your own doctor can offer support and advice around sexual health.

    Further information can  be found on the link below

    FPA Sexual Health Charity
    FPA Advice for Parents