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    The Prevent agenda aims to work with young people who are at risk or vulnerable to extremism, radicalisation and terrorism. You may be struggling with ideas, opinions or views, feel they are being forced on you, and not sure what to believe! Sometimes adults can take advantage of young people, act like a friend, a positive role model providing you with the support they think you need, but look out for the warning signs.

    • You may become isolated from friends & family.
    • You feel you are having to change to fit in with a person or a group's opinions.
    • You may start to get into trouble both in and out of school.
    • Start staying out at night.
    • Missing school.

    You may start to feel uncomfortable with what’s happening, the situation you are involved in. You may be frightened of becoming a victim of violence if you leave that group. Not everyone’s opinions and views are right.


    • Know right from wrong.
    • Have your own mind.

    If you are worried or frightened about a group or person you have become involved in, school can support you. You can speak to the safeguarding team, located near G17 / ICT Technicians Workroom, or talk to your PYL or AYL who will inform Safeguarding staff. Alternatively you can call the police on 101.

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