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    Media and Review

    Book Review: Out of the Blue by Sophie Cameron

    Reviewed by Isobel Clowrey, Year 7

    Out of the Blue coverOut of the Blue is a thrilling book about a family in an alternative world, at an important time. More specifically, after the angels started falling from the sky...

    As they suddenly start falling from the sky, the world around them is addicted to finding the source, and their feathers are being sold by the people nicknamed “Wingdings”. Due to the angels rapidly hurtling towards the Earth, none have survived, ending their descent with wings bent and faces contorted.

    Jaya’s father is after the feathers, with her sister, Rani, as his right-hand-gal. And to add to it all, Jaya is still mourning the loss of her mother, which she blames herself for, and the sudden disappearance of her ex-girlfriend.

    She’s determined to stay out of it, but after an incredible experience, she’s pulled back into the world of secrecy and adventure, friendship and, eventually, love. Because an angel has landed at her feet – and it’s alive...

    Films and TV to Watch in Lockdown

    By Emily Rodgers, Year 8

    If you are feeling bored during the lockdown period, why not immerse yourself in one of these popular film or TV shows?

    TV Shows