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    Maltby Learning Trust

    Wath Comprehensive School became Wath Academy and joined Maltby Learning Trust in April 2019. On joining, Wath Academy became the largest school within Maltby Learning Trust.  Wath Academy has adopted a number of policies which apply to the whole of Maltby Learning Trust; these policies are available on the Maltby Learning Trust website on their Policies page.

    Maltby Learning Trust
    c/o Maltby Academy
    Braithwell Road
    S66 8AB

    Currently the trust comprises of:

    Maltby Academy (Secondary)
    Sir Thomas Wharton Academy (Secondary)
    Wath Academy (Secondary)
    Maltby Redwood Academy (Primary)
    Maltby Lilly Hall Academy (Primary)
    Ravenfield Primary Academy (Primary)
    Maltby Manor Academy (Primary)