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    Exploring Careers

    Job families are groupings of jobs related by common professions and they have many similarities. Jobs in a job family are similar in that they require similar abilities and knowledge and have similar career paths from the lowest to the highest level job.

    National Careers Service - Explore Careers

    Find out what a job involves and if it's right for you at the National Careers Service website.

    Start - The World of Work

    Start is a free, online careers platform designed to connect 11-18 year olds with their future career potential and is used by our students in Life Skills lessons. You can explore the world of work on their website.

    The National Health Service

    The NHS is the largest employer in UK with over 1.4 million employees in various roles from Nurses and Call Centre Operatives to Ambulance Teams and Pharmacists. There are usually a number of NHS vacancies in our area due to the close proximity of the NHS Call Centre at Manvers and a number of large GP Practices in the area. You can find out more at

    Art, Craft & Design

    You'll be using creativity in this job family, whether you’re designing ships as a naval architect or creating cutting edge art. Explore these jobs if you’re an 'ideas person' and like creating things that are useful and visually appealing.

    Click on the link to see some job profiles in more detail

    Animator - Make Up Artist - Fashion Designer - Web Designer - Conservator


    The construction sector offers a wide variety of roles, from engineering to stonemasonry. Jobs in construction could be right for you if you’re a practical person and are interested in how things work and are put together.

    Bricklayer - Architect - Civil Engineer - Planning and Development Surveyor

    Water Network Operative

    Education & Training

    Here is just a small You’ll be using your communication skills and knowledge to help people develop and learn in many of these jobs. Whether you like working with children or training people in sports, this is a sector where you can use your knowledge and skills to help others.

    Teacher - Education Welfare Officer - Teaching Assistant - Youth Worker - Librarian

    Legal Services

    You'll need an investigative mind and the ability to understand large amounts of complex information in many jobs in legal services. If you have these skills, law might be your field.

    Solicitor - Forensic Psychologist - Victim Care Officer

    Security & Uniformed Services

    Jobs in this sector include roles in law and order, the armed forces or security. Explore a range of careers from active jobs where you need to be physically fit to administration roles where you’ll work behind the scenes more.

    Dog Handler - Police Officer - Scenes of Crime Officer

    Armed Forces

    The UK armed forces employ tens of thousands people in hundreds of roles, so it's worth considering them as a career path and doing some research online.

    British Army

    Apply to be in the British Army at or research British Army roles here. To join, you must:

    • Be at least 16 years old.
    • Pass a full army medical examination, BARB test and have a good pass at GCSE English (or pass the Army Literacy Test).

    Royal Air Force

    The Royal Air Force's recruitment pages can be found at To join, you must:

    • Be at least 16 years old.
    • Pass a full RAF medical exam and academic ability tests.

    Royal Navy

    If you are considering the Royal Navy then your first port of call should be To join you must:

    • Be at least 16 years old.
    • Pass a Royal Navy medical exam, fitness test and academic ability test.

    Cadets & Forces Careers Offices

    If you are not old enough to join the armed forces just yet, you could try joining one of the cadet services Army CadetsAir Cadets and Sea Cadets.

    You can visit the Sheffield Armed Forces Careers Office (all armed forces) for advice too, they are located near Leopold Square.

    Sheffield Armed Forces Careers Office (AFCO)
    Townhead House
    10-14 Townhead Street
    S1 2EE

    0114 270 6194

    Alternatively there is an Army Careers Centre in Doncaster.

    Army Careers Centre
    43 Hall Gate
    DN1 3NR

    01302 344128