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    As a school we do not tolerate or condone criminal activity. However, we are aware that sometimes students get themselves involved in situations they feel they cannot get out of; they feel they are 'stuck' or 'in too deep'.

    If you are worried about your son / daughter being involved in criminal activity or a gang, you can call the NSPCC helpline on 0808 800 5000 or visit their website for further information. It can be hard to tell if your son / daughter is involved in criminal activity, but you may notice that:

    • your son / daughter becomes withdrawn
    • their behaviour at school changes significantly
    • they have a new nickname, change circles of friends
    • they dress differently
    • they have unexpected physical injuries
    • use 'tags' or graffiti on books and possessions

    If a crime has been committed and you are worried your child is involved, you should call 101 to report it.

    You can also call school, who can contact our school police officer and ask them to speak to you regarding your concerns. If you are concerned please contact the Safeguarding Team on (01709) 760222.