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    Comment and Opinion

    Rainbows for NHS Workers, Clap for our Carers and Other Acts of Kindness

    By Laura Rodgers, Year 12

    NHS rainbowAcross the country, rainbows have started to appear in windows and outside businesses, but why? These rainbows were initially created by children who wanted to show their support for NHS workers, but soon became a nationally recognised symbol of support for key workers. As a result, people have taken many creative approaches to this positive campaign, from paintings to chalk pavement art and graffiti; these people’s imaginations are helping many to see the positives in what is a very scary time. These rainbows are not the only thing being done to give support to NHS workers, with the recent appearance of ‘Clap for our Carers’ giving the whole country a reason to stand together and back the courageous key workers who are keeping this country going during these strange times.

    People are not merely banding together in support of those holding the country up, but also the most at risk and vulnerable members of our communities. Many people have been shopping for their elderly and at risk neighbours, who may not be able to get out; people have been volunteering in any way possible to help those in need, with the NHS Blood and Transplant Service seeing a huge increase in registrations from new donors. Thousands of new fundraisers have also appeared in the past few months, giving donations to ‘NHS Charities Together’ who are raising money to provide PPE to frontline NHS staff. All of these things show that despite the initial panic that the COVID-19 outbreak caused, people soon banded together to help in any way possible, whether it be through giving their time to a foodbank, donating blood or platelets, or even giving money to charity. These demonstrations of solidarity prove that this is not a time to be divided by fear, but instead to be united by love and support for one another

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