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    Comment and Opinion

    Ticced Off

    By Catie Swallow, Year 12

    Tourette's. I bet that quite a high proportion of people inside school believe that Tourette's Syndrome is just people swearing. This is nowhere near the truth. Only 10% of people do suffer with coprolalia (involuntary swearing or involuntary uttering of obscene words or phrases.) I suffer with Tourette's and I don't suffer with coprolalia.

    My tics are more vocal and motor. They include coughing (which isn't good during the times we live in), sniffing, wincing, animal noises. Plus a whole lot more. I want to change the stereotype of Tourette's. It isn't fair for someone who suffers greatly with Tourette's to say they have it and then get told, "No, no, you don't because you don't swear." This is from personal experience. It's awful. I'm thankful that all of my friends know and are accepting and they knew that it wasn't just swearing.

    1) Do tics hurt?

    Yes, sometimes. In my personal experience, if I cough  too hard, I end up pulling a muscle in my stomach or if I do an animal noise, it hurts my throat more times than not. Many other people who suffer from Tourette's have quite complex tics in which they could punch themselves which would definitely hurt them.

    2) How is Tourette's Syndrome diagnosed?

    To be diagnosed with Tourette's someone must:

    • Have two or more motor tics and at least one vocal tic although these might not happen at the same time
    • Have had tics for at least a year
    • Have tics start before 18 years old although there are rare cases of people a bit older starting with tics
    • Have symptoms that are not due to other medicine or due to any other medical condition

    3) What is it like to suppress a tic?

    It's like having a really, really bad itch that you can't scratch but a whole lot worse. It's also like trying your hardest not to blink. It's alright when you start but after a few seconds, you get the urge to blink. Just like people with Tourette's have an uncontrollable urge to tic.

    4) Should people be more accepting of Tourette's?

    Yes they should because people with Tourette's can't help doing their tics. It is way more complex than the stereotypical swearing. Saying horrible things about people who do suffer such as, "People with Tourette's are dumb," is nothing at all. You never know who around you had Tourette's or has someone in their family who suffers. So please, don't say anything like that. Many people with TS are scared to do their tics and therefore suppress them. These people are afraid (just like me) that someone will judge them or say something.

    So please, just remember that people with Tourette's can't help ticcing. It is involuntary. So do not say anything to them about it as you will just make them uncomfortable and feel isolated.

    Wentworth Woodhouse

    By Igrayne Whitelam, Year 7

    Wentworth WoodhouseEvents

    Wentworth Woodhouse holds a wide variety of events such as the music festival and car fest sometimes it can have artwork projected onto it! Once they had a huge light up globe inside it. Another time, it had an image on the ground supporting the Tour de Yorkshire where loads of cyclists raced by.

    During the coronavirus pandemic, they even made a piece of artwork made to represent it was a huge group of birds painted and put into a spiral with a little help from the locals.

    Showbiz and Blockbusters

    Tons of shows have been filmed at Wentworth Woodhouse. From Billionaire Boy to Darkest Hour, even the most popular films sometimes have scenes here.

    The Legend of the Wentworth Beast

    When Charles Marquis of Rockingham ruled over the mansion and ruled over England, (as he was once prime minister) he fell in love with one of his servants named Elizabeth (informally Betty) Gill she loved him too, but she didn't know that he loved her back.

    As time passed, Elizabeth told more people that she loved Charles. Eventually, she got worried that people would tell Charles about her love for him, so she drowned herself in a lake. During these times, they had huge black hunting dogs and one of them went demented, and with that, they let it loose. Nobody knew where it went or if it died, but, eventually, it did!

    Once, two local carp anglers went fishing at the lake where is said to be the lake that Elizabeth died in, but they reported that they saw smoke in the shape of a woman change into the shape of a big dog, hovering around the lake. A few locals describe that they have encountered similar occurrences, but can they coincidentally be big, black dogs?

    Remembrance Day

    By Lissy Bowman, Year 10

    Soliders and poppiesRemembrance Day (Armistice Day) marks the end of World War One on the 11th of November. This is a special day where everyone who fought for our freedom is remembered (even though we do this everyday). On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, we have a 2 minute silence to take time out of our day to remember those who fought for our freedom that we have today.

    Over 30 nations fought in the Great War, most of which were on the Allied side, fighting for freedom and from the Central Powers. It was 4 years of brutal wars raging across the globe, everyone fighting for what they believed was right. The conflict on a geographical scale was never seen before and many people died trying, many of them civilians and innocents.

    So remember, you are living right now, speaking your language, doing what you’re doing because of the men who had fought in those brutal wars. Don’t forget about this important date for without that Armistice, who knows what would have happened and if the Central Powers would have won.