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    Comment and Opinion

    If You Could Cure One Emotion, What Would It Be?

    By Bella Todd, Year 10

    If I could cure any emotion, I would cure pain. It is one of the worst feeling you can feel and it can be caused in so many ways, both mentally and physically.

    Pain is passed from one to another through unkind words, which results in falling outs and results in you being alone. Without it, people would stop trying to hurt others. Even if they didn’t like someone, they wouldn’t be saying anything horrible behind their back or to their face.

    Pain leads to people over-thinking. When people are alone, they start to question things, such as, ‘why did they say that?’, ‘why did they do that?’. They go round in unhealthy loops, thinking the worst. Pain in past relationships also causes people to distrust the next person that comes along. Pain stops them from opening up, scared that if they do, they will get hurt again.

    If pain was removed from the world, it would be a happier place. When people feel pain, they are more likely to give up on anything and everything. Pain stops people from achieving their dream. Everyone would get a better chance at doing the things they wanted, as fear of failure wouldn’t put people off.

    However, with pain comes healing. People get stronger after the pain has gone. But maybe if the pain wasn’t there to start off with, there would be no need to heal.

    An example of hurting each other can be clearly seen in the past weeks, where there have been protests about how about everyone should stop throwing negativity and unkindness towards black people and that black lives matter. What a fraction of people do is horrible. They are causing pain. If people just put aside colours and focused on the fact that they have the same qualities and values as each other and that their bodies are made the same, people could get on and stop trying to cause pain wherever they go. Like I said, it would be a better place if people would stop causing pain to others, because even it if was just one thing someone said, it could throw another over the edge.

    Now, I know that some people would feel like pain is needed to learn and to grow, and for some people that can be the case. But wouldn’t it be better if you could learn through different ways than getting hurt?

    Some people may also think that without pain and the worry of pain, that life would be boring. Some may argue that without pain, people won’t appreciate happiness as much as they would if there was pain right around the corner to take it away from you. That people wouldn’t get the thrill of ‘if you do this, you could get hurt.’ However, there are more ways you can make your life exiting.

    A few could also say how if there wasn’t pain, then heaven wouldn’t be as rewarding. People who have gone through bad times and helped people all their lives and still recovered themselves, are the ones more likely to go to heaven, and that would be their reward. But what if heaven wasn’t the prize, what if the real award was ensuring that every soul in this world was happy and not one of them was hurting?

    Magic ATM

    By Amelia Radojevich, Year 7

    A queue at an ATM

    When bank customers in Texas went to withdraw their money out of a cash machine, instead of getting $10 they got $100! Word quickly spread, resulting in long queues of people wanting to have a go at using the ATM. This caused unsettlement and fights for the usage of the machine.

    As a result of this, the police were called and they had to block off any access to the ATM until further instruction to open again.

    This all happened because when the cash machine got refilled with money, the $10 slots and the $100 slots got mixed up with each other, leaving people with more money than expected.

    Football Legend Dies at 85 Years Old

    By Emily Balaiss, Year 12

    Jack Charlton

    Jack Charlton, a Leeds United legend, former England defender who won a World Cup winners medal in 1966, has sadly passed away at the age of 85. He spent his 21 year career at Leeds United, making 773 appearances (a club record), before retiring as a player in 1973 and going on to become a successful manager.

    Charlton was one of England’s most popular football managers, having spells in charge of Sheffield Wednesday, Middlesbrough, Newcastle and the Republic of Ireland.

    Last year, Charlton was diagnosed with lymphoma and was also battling dementia. A statement from his family read:

    “Jack died peacefully on Friday, July 10 at the age of 85. He was at home in Northumberland, with his family by his side. As well as a friend to many, he was a much adored husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. We cannot express how proud we are of the extraordinary life he led and the pleasure he brought to so many different countries and from all walks of life. He was a thoroughly honest, kind, funny and genuine man who always had time for people. His loss will leave a huge hole in all our lives but are thankful for a lifetime of happy memories.”

    There have been several tweets from the clubs and people he has worked with in the past:

    Sheffield Wednesday tweeted: “Everyone at Sheffield Wednesday is saddened to learn of the passing of club legend Jack Charlton. RIP.”

    Former England striker Gary Lineker tweeted: “Saddened to hear that Jack Charlton has passed away. World Cup winner with England, manager of probably the best ever Ireland side and a wonderfully infectious personality to boot. RIP Jack.”

    He will be deeply missed by all as he left lasting memories with football fans around the country. RIP Jack Charlton.