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    Summer 2020: Results Day Information

    Year 13

    Following a statement from Ofqual on 17th August 2020 students will now be awarded the highest grade from the government moderated grade and the centre assessment grade (school grade). Centre Assessment grades will be released to students, via individual school email addresses, as soon as possible. The school is currently working with the DfE and Ofqual to ascertain how this will affect Y13 vocational grades and Y12 grades. A statement from Ofqual the DfE can be found below.

    Our Sixth Form Team will be offering telephone Post-18 Careers Advice from Thursday 13 August (A Level results day) onwards. To request an appointment follow this link.

    Year 11

    Following a statement from Ofqual on 17th August 2020 students will now be awarded the centre assessment grade (school grade). The school is currently working with the DfE and Ofqual to ascertain how this will affect Y11 vocational grades. We will provide further updates as soon as we can. A statement from Ofqual and the DfE can be found below.

    Year 11 results collection will take place on Thursday 20 August between 8:30 - 11:30. Students should arrive at the main gates and will be directed into the Main Hall. Government guidelines regarding Covid-19 will be followed on this day. The Year 11 Team, 6th From Team and Senior Staff will be in school to provide support and explain the processes around next steps, 6th form enrolment and the Autumn exams series if needed. Following the collection of results, additional meetings may also be booked on Friday 21 August and Monday 24 August, to discuss this in more detail, if needed.

    Results can be posted home if students are unable to collect them on the day, please email

    Our Careers Team will be offering telephone Post-16 Careers Advice from Thursday 20 August (GCSE results day) until Tuesday 25 August. To request an appointment follow this link.

    A statement from the Chair of Ofqual on how GCSE, AS and A level grades will be awarded this summer.

    Published 17 August 2020

    We understand this has been a distressing time for students, who were awarded exam results last week for exams they never took. The pandemic has created circumstances no one could have ever imagined or wished for. We want to now take steps to remove as much stress and uncertainty for young people as possible - and to free up heads and teachers to work towards the important task of getting all schools open in two weeks.

    After reflection, we have decided that the best way to do this is to award grades on the basis of what teachers submitted. The switch to centre assessment grades will apply to both AS and A levels and to the GCSE results which students will receive later this week.

    There was no easy solution to the problem of awarding exam results when no exams have taken place. Ofqual was asked by the Secretary of State to develop a system for awarding calculated grades, which maintained standards and ensured that grades were awarded broadly in line with previous years. Our goal has always been to protect the trust that the public rightly has in educational qualifications.

    But we recognise that while the approach we adopted attempted to achieve these goals we also appreciate that it has also caused real anguish and damaged public confidence. Expecting schools to submit appeals where grades were incorrect placed a burden on teachers when they need to be preparing for the new term and has created uncertainty and anxiety for students. For all of that, we are extremely sorry.

    We have therefore decided that students be awarded their centre assessment for this summer - that is, the grade their school or college estimated was the grade they would most likely have achieved in their exam - or the moderated grade, whichever is higher.

    The path forward we now plan to implement will provide urgent clarity. We are already working with the Department for Education, universities and everyone else affected by this issue.

    A statement from the Department for Education (DfE)

    Published 17 August 2020

    Students in England will receive centre assessment grades for this week’s GCSE results and last week’s A and AS level results, the Government and Ofqual have confirmed today (17 August).

    Ofqual had consulted on and implemented a standardisation process for exam results this summer, but the system has resulted in too many inconsistent and unfair outcomes for A and AS level students. Over the last few days, it has become clear that the algorithm has revealed a number of anomalies that had not been anticipated by Ofqual and which severely undermined confidence in the system.

    Subsequently, the Government and Ofqual have jointly agreed to revert to centre assessment grades, which are the grades which schools and colleges assessed students were most likely to have achieved, had exams gone ahead. This was deemed to be the fairest approach to avoid some students receiving grades that did not reflect their prior performance.

    Students awaiting their GCSE grades on Thursday will receive their centre assessment grade from their school or college, and students who received their A or AS level results last Thursday (13 August) will be reissued their centre assessment grade. If students’ calculated grades were higher than the centre assessment grade, their calculated grade will stand.

    To ensure students can progress to higher education, the Government intends to remove temporary student number controls which had been introduced for the coming academic year

    Education Secretary Gavin Williamson said:

    This has been an extraordinarily difficult year for young people who were unable to take their exams.

    We worked with Ofqual to construct the fairest possible model, but it is clear that the process of allocating grades has resulted in more inconsistency and unfairness than can be reasonably resolved through an appeals process.

    We now believe it is better to offer young people and parents certainty by moving to teacher assessed grades for both A and AS level and GCSE results.

    I am sorry for the distress this has caused young people and their parents but hope this announcement will now provide the certainty and reassurance they deserve.

    On Thursday schools and colleges will inform students of their GCSE centre assessment grades, and official results will be released to students next week.

    Earlier this year the Government announced that assessments and exams would not take place in schools and colleges this summer, following the closure of schools and colleges as a response to the public health crisis.

    On 3 April, Ofqual announced a system based on teachers submitting grades and rankings for students and then launched a consultation on the approach. This consultation included the statistical standardisation of centre assessment grades in order to ensure that overall grades were broadly in line with previous years.

    The Government recognises the move to centre assessment grades will have implications for universities and students, and therefore intends to remove student number controls. The move will help to prioritise students’ interests and ensure that there are no barriers to students being able to progress.

    The Government is working closely with the sector to create additional capacity and ensure they are as flexible as possible, and are setting a clear expectation that they honour all offers made and met. The Universities Minister Michelle Donelan will lead a new taskforce, working with sector groups, to ensure students can progress to the next stage of their education.

    Students who previously missed their offer and will now meet it on the basis of their centre assessment grade should get in contact with the university. Those who have accepted an offer will be able to release themselves if they have another offer reinstated.