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    Mental Health Awareness Week

    Mental Health Awareness Week starts Monday 18th May. Since the first Mental Health Awareness Week in 2001, The Mental Health Foundation have raised awareness on a range of topics like body image, stress and relationships.

    Their theme this year is ‘kindness’ because of its singular ability to unlock our shared humanity, particularly during these difficult times. Kindness strengthens relationships, develops community and deepens solidarity. It is a cornerstone of our individual and collective mental health.

    Watch out for our Mental Health Awareness Week posts on social media next week.

    Our Safeguarding Team have put together a ‘Self Care’ pack, to help our students take care of their emotional and mental well-being as best as they can, until we are able to return to ‘normal’.  The BLURT Self Care Starter Kit provides everything you need to started... It includes

    • What is self-care? And why is it so important?
    • 5 instant self-care things which can be done from your bed
    • Self-care alphabet – breaking it down into teensy tiny bites
    • Looking after yourself on a budget
    • Caring for yourself from the inside out
    • Self-care worksheet – to help you discover what self-care looks like for YOU

    The second document, the Mental Health Week Self Care Guide (available as PDF and DOCX file) provides a quick guide to self-care. Which includes why self-care important and the self-care worksheet.

    Don’t forget to post your acts of kindness on social media and use the hashtags #KindnessMatters and #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

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