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    D of E Award Update

    Dear DofE Students

    I hope you’re all keeping well and staying safe. I bet you’re missing your Tuesday after-school DofE sessions so I thought I’d say hello. Don’t forget that you can still be getting on with your DofE Award during this time. Try not to fall behind and make sure you are keeping a log of your evidence.

    Attached is a copy of the letter I sent you just before school closed as a reminder of the things you can carry on doing safely for your activities. Us DofE Leaders have also had an update from the DofE themselves letting us know about a few temporary changes that might help you keep up with your Award at this challenging time. We hope working towards your Award will give you focus, motivation and positivity during the lockdown. Remember, your capacity and enthusiasm for helping others through volunteering could be a huge force for good at a time when it’s needed most.

    The new section of the DofE website, DofE With A Difference, is being regularly updated with information, ideas and inspiration. Check it out:

    Here are some of the temporary programme changes to help you keep going both now and when the lockdown ends:

    • Participants can now volunteer for family members, for example by mentoring or coaching younger siblings.
    • Participants can now change section activities more than once. Time spent on previous activities will still count towards completion.

    I’ll be in touch with you all next week on Show My Homework – I know you’ll be over the moon about that! Until then, take care and stay safe.

    Miss Owen